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Brian Kluth is available for news interviews, TV/radio talk shows, and news story segments:

By phone, from Denver, or across the USA by arrangement.  EMAIL or call him at 719.930.4000 cell/text

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Media webpage for the STATE of the PLATE research on nationwide research on "tithers" - 10 million "tithing" Americans give more than $50 billion dollars annually. 

Brian has done media training through Steve Harrison's NATIONAL PUBLICITY SUMMIT in New York City. MEDIA SHEET for Producers


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Brian Kluth's Expert Credentials that Sets Him Apart


Visual Media Graphs & Talking Points

While other experts can talk one facet of giving, Brian is a multifaceted leading authority on generosity with experience as a inspirational speaker, media guest, national researcher, bestselling author, and radio host. His generosity work or interviews have been featured on all the major TV networks, thousands of radio stations, magazines, and major newspapers.  Brian also practices being generous by living on a 5-figure salary but giving 6-figures to charitable causes or investing in ways to promote generosity across the United States and around the world.  

For each interview, Brian can provide graphs with key talking points or screen shots.  These graphs are especially helpful for TV news stories or talk show interviews..

See samples.

News Room Endorsement   Talk Show Endorsement

“Brian Kluth understands exactly what I need for a perfect sound bite or a longer interview.
I've been in TV/Radio for years and
Brian is a delight to interview because he is
fully-versed on the subject and is savvy enough
to understand the needs of media talk show
or a network newsroom."
JOHN CLEMENS, Bureau Chief USA Radio Network 


“Brian is easy to talk to and understand.

His presentation is upbeat

and enthusiastic.

He is real and our audience responded very positively to his interview.” 

Kelli Thompson – “New Day” Morning Program

Interview Questions

"WISE GIVING" Q&A Video Series & Interview Questions

In addition to publishing the annual State of the Plate research on Christian giving, Brian Kluth produced the following 25 short Q&A videos in partnership with ECFA in Washington DC and the Maclellan Foundation. 

Questions #1-9 provides practical answers to commonly asked questions about charitable giving.

Questions #10-25 provides biblical insights and answers to questions on giving, tithing, and generosity. 

  1. What are 5 best tips for making smart donations?

  2. What should people know about an organization before giving a donation?

  3. What are 5 ways parents can teach their children to be more generous?

  4. How can people stop receiving so many fundraising letters, emails, texts, phone calls, and solicitations?

  5. How can people avoid charity scams?

  6. How can people find information about charities and churches?

  7. According to the IRS, what are the 5 most common non-cash donations people make?

  8. How can people find good organizations to support?

  9. What is EFT, online, internet, text, and mobile app giving? Is this a good idea to give this way?

  10. What is tithing? Should Christians tithe? Isn't tithing only part of the Old Testament law?

  11. Should people give if they are in debt?

  12. What is the difference between tithes and offerings?

  13. What does the Bible teach about where to give?

  14. What are the 7 keys to becoming more generous?

  15. How important is it to faithfully support your local church?

  16. 23 things the Bible teaches about giving and generosity.

  17. As a Christian, why should people make it a priority to give financial gifts to the LORD's work?

  18. How much should people give and where should they give?

  19. What if my spouse doesn't want me to give?

  20. What if people can't afford to donate money, can't they just donate their time--isn't that enough?

  21. Are people required to give all of their donations only to their church?

  22. If someone wants to start tithing, should they give 10% of the NET or GROSS amount of their paycheck--before or after taxes?

  23. If someone wants to start giving 10% or more to God's work, but they are afraid, what should they do?

  24. What are some helpful Christian devotionals and books that can teach me about living generously?

  25. What are the 5 different responses people have about giving to God?

Ideas for News Stories, Reports, Interviews  

Holidays &

Year-End Giving

  1. INTERVIEW: Be a Smart Giver - The 5 R's, 5 Best Websites, and Tips to Avoid Charity Scams & Unwanted Solicitations

  2. INTERVIEW: Experience the Joy! 5 Ways Every Person on the Planet Can Be More Generous (regardless of their income)!

  3. NEWS STORY/REPORT: Never in our lifetime!  What's happening with church giving in America? Info is based on statistics and trends from Brian's STATE of the PLATE annual research.

  4. INTERVIEW: Join the Generosity Pledge Movement - Not just for billionaires like Gates and Buffet, but for millions to give billions

  5. INTERVIEW: Tips for Raising Generous Kids

  6. INTERVIEW: Miracle Story!  Small generosity book becomes unexpected bestseller (450,000 copies).  Some churches that have given out copies have experienced miraculous double digit giving increases!

  7. NEWS STORY: Talking about Tithing Info on tithing trends and statistics based on Brian's View from the Pew Research of over 1000 families that give 10% or more.

  8. INTERVIEW or NEWS STORY: Only Person on the Planet! Brian Kluth is the only known generosity minister in the world and is paid a $1/year by his church.

  1. Christmas: Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?  How one family turned the gimme season into the giving season.

  2. 3 Giving Tips from the the Original Santa (St. Nicholas) - Practical Ways to Help the Needy Around Us!

  3. Help for Parents!  4 Ways Parents Can Turn the “Gimme Season” into the “Giving Season” for Children & Teens [Click for Article]

  4. Avoid the IRS Grinch: 7 Top Tips to Make Sure Your Year-End Donations are Tax-Deductible

  5. Will the Grinch Steal Christmas for Charities?  What Major Studies Are Saying and How December Giving Will MAKE, BREAK, or BEND Many Charities!

  6. Best Ideas for Giving When You Have a Generous Heart but a Grinch Wallet (or spouse!)

  7. Tips for Giving the Perfect  Holiday Gifts to family members and friends.  How to make sure people will LOVE the gifts you give them.  Note: A downloadable gift giving shopping form can be posted on your media website.

"The Giving Guy", Brian Kluth's Availability and Contact Information

AVAILABILITY: 24/7 by phone or by arrangement for live, pre-recorded, studio or affiliate station interviews.

Willing to travel for interviews where expenses are covered.

OFFICE/HOME: 303.346.5332  CELL: 720.432.2422

LOCATION: Denver or Colorado Springs TIME ZONE: Mountain



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